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SHOW OF THE DAY: Two Tons of Steel (album release) (8:30); Adam Johnson (1:00) - GRUENE HALL 1281 Gruene Rd.

SHOW OF THE DAY: Two Tons of Steel (album release) (8:30); Adam Johnson (1:00) - GRUENE HALL 1281 Gruene Rd.

Weldon Henson (8:15); Susanna Van Tassel (6:00) - BROKEN SPOKE 3201 S. Lamar

Swollen Circus w/ All Star Jam, Jon Langford, Mike Nicolai, Seela, Jeff Crosby & the Refugees, Walter Salas-Humara , Amanda Fields, Garland Jeffreys, Abra Moore (10:00); Hamish Anderson, Timothy Bloom, Dylan Bishop, Shevonne Philidor (12:30) - CONTINENTAL CLUB 1315 S. Congress

Ephraim Owens Experience (10:30); James McMurtry (8:30) - CONTINENTAL CLUB GALLERY 1313-A S. Congress

Dog Day Afternoon w/ the Heavy Hands, the Sideshow Tragedy, Jon Dee Graham & William Harries Graham, Major & the Monbacks, the Band of Heathens, the Mastersons, Bonnie Whitmore, the Drugstore Gypsies, Peter More, Beth Lee & the Breakups (band stage); Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light, Jamie Lin Wilson, Brandy Zdan, Dawn & Hawkes, Charlie & the Regrets, Alice Wallace, James Bullard (solo stage) (11:25am) - THE DOGWOOD 715 W. Sixth

Donn & the Station Masters - DONN'S DEPOT 1600 W. Fifth

Jai Malano (9:30) - GERALDINE'S 605 Davis

Two Tons of Steel (album release) (8:30); Adam Johnson (1:00) - GRUENE HALL 1281 Gruene Rd.

Bubble Recording & Guero's kickoff party w/ the Bluebonnets, Second Aid, Light Wheel, Ruby & the Reckless, Har Mar Superstar, Casual Strangers, Graffiti Trials, Summer Fires, the Mystery Achievement, Belcurve, the Harms, Bronco Simmons (2:00) - GÜERO'S TACO BAR 1412 S. Congress

Open mic jam (8:00) - HANOVERS 108 E. Main St.

Spring Break Boogie! Heaven or Hot Burrito w/ Leo Rondeau, JD Clark, Rattlesnake Milk, Croy & the Boys, the Whiffs, Los Wilds, Trouble Boys, Thee MVPs, Fools, Gymshorts, GT, Amplified Heat, In Snow, Laser Background (inside); Skin Drips, Rik & the Pigs, the Lochness Mobsters, Thelma & the Sleaze, the Nude Party, Teevee, Lung Letters, Dark Palaces, Trementina, Dead Coast, Booher, Barbarians, Pink Mexico (Volstead Lounge); Christian Bland & the Revelators, Happyness, Omni, Krista Van Liew, Night Beats, Borzoi, Drugs & Attics (Patio 1); Alex Cameron, Hovvdy, Julian Neel, the Halfways, Downtown Boys, the Bad Lovers (Patio 2) (1:00) - HOTEL VEGAS 1502 E. Sixth

Bob Appel (7:00) - LITTLE LONGHORN SALOON 5434 Burnet Rd.

Song Doctor sessions (7:00) - THE MOCKINGBIRD CAFE 4606-E Burleson

Mark Ambrose (6:30) - PATSY'S CAFE 5001 E. Ben White

Tommy Elskes (8:00); Louis Long (5:00) - POODIE'S HILLTOP ROADHOUSE 22308 Hwy. 71 W.

Wayne Garner Band, Beau Daniels Band (9:00) - RAY BENSON'S RATTLE INN 610 Nueces

Songwriters open mic w/ Rich & Miranda (8:00) - RILEY'S TAVERN 8894 FM 1102

Chip Sneed (6:30) - ROSS' OLD AUSTIN CAFE 11800 N. Lamar #6

The Rubilators (9:00) - SAM'S TOWN POINT 2115 Allred

Brandon Hughes (12:15am); Love & Chaos (11:45); Big Cat (10:30); Guy Forsyth (9:15); Patrice Pike (8:00); David Grissom (6:00); Wink Keziah's Scandinavian SXSW Kickoff Party (2:00) - SAXON PUB 1320 S. Lamar

Dickie Lee Erwin (8:00) - THE SKYLARK LOUNGE 2039 Airport

Tommy Elskes (7:00) - SLAKE CAFE 120 E. Seventh

Jimmie Dale Gilmore (8:00) - THREADGILL'S WORLD HQ 301 W. Riverside

Rodeo Austin w/ Cole Swindell, Monte Good, Annie & Kate, Lohman's Crossing, Stephen Dae & the Repeat Offenders - TRAVIS COUNTY EXPO CENTER 7311 Decker

Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta w/ the Zeros, Hickoids, Guillotines, Jon Langford & the Far Forlorn, Count Vaseline, Corinne Rose (8:00) - THE WHITE HORSE 500 Comal